'It ain't music if it ain't got soul'

Jamie Becker is a Nashville based singer-songwriter and musician with a haunting voice, rocking spirit, and a Gibson J-35 named Lola.

She is originally from Whittier, CA and got her musical start around age 11 alongside her father, Los Angeles based singer-songwriter/guitarist/Mick Jagger impersonator, Jim Becker who taught her that "it ain't music, if it ain't got soul."

By the age of 18, Jamie had 3 album releases with her father, in their Americana/roots duo "Deep Fried Bubblegum", 1 solo album, and 300+ solo/duo gigs under her belt from fairs, festivals, coffee shops, school events, charity events, to casinos and restaurants all over California. Since then, Jamie has worked with multiple Grammy and Emmy award winning musicians in multi-media tribute shows and recordings, and in 2015, she sang on stage with the Rolling Stones at Nissan Stadium.

In 2017, Jamie received a commercial music degree from Belmont University, and hit the ground running with recording projects and gigs at local venues like 3rd and Lindsley and Belcourt Taps. Her 2019 folk apocalyptic single 'Dance in the River' got her her first radio play on Nashville's top independent radio station Lightning 100, and her latest release of 'Gotta Be Magic' is making its own waves as we know it, in its refreshing addition of Latin rhythms and an electronic pulse.

If one thing's for certain, Jamie will immediately surprise listeners with her folksy integrity and bluesy sound. Jamie brings a natural tenderness and "whimsy" to her songs while driving the music with her soulful power and lyrical edge. In every show, she seeks to take listeners on a journey through her unique storytelling and expression.




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